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Meet Our Team

Darrell Berry - Sole Proprietor/Owner

As owner and sole proprietor of D Berry Communications and Technology, I have been in business since 2007. I started all my communications training with a company named N.A.T.C (North American Telephone Communications), where I was able to advance my training into phone systems, telephone installation, cable line installation, and security camera installation where I am able to spread my training throughout my company. I also have (2) highly trained technicians and (1) experienced sales representative that work for DB Comm Tech.

John Burgin - Sales Associate

For all sales inquiries, please contact John at 215.760.9761.

G. Gillespie - Technician

Mr. Gillespie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to DB Comm Tech. This includes various training, certifications, and 25 years with Bell Atlantic. He brings leadership and administration along with his advanced technological background, as a project manager, supervisor, and team leader in his past experiences. Other companies that he's worked for include Danella Line Services, R. Wyatt Services Group, and Ray Communications, Inc.

Oscar Conix - Technician

Oscar has been doing computer repairs and upgrades for the past 20 years and security cameras for the past 5 years. He started in computers as a Data Entry Operator and over the years he's expanded his knowledge base to include other services, including but not limited to installations and desktop publishing. Oscar feels that it’s always a learning experience because as technology changes we have to learn with it, to always be on top.

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